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Display Settings

WordPress CTA Plugin Help - Display settings live option
WordPress CTA Plugin Help - Display settings development option
WordPress CTA Plugin Help - Display settings off option


Call to action url

Enter the url where you want to direct users. This can be an external page, internal page or even an internal page with an id.

Target Blank

Opens the link in a new tab, leaving the existing page open. Default: off.


Tells search engines not to follow the outbound link



Choose between 3 templates. Open Sliding CTA, Closed sliding CTA and Tab CTA.

Open Sliding CTA

When the page loads, this template will display a button, image, content text and link text. When the user scrolls, the CTA will collapse. You can click on the button to open the CTA again. View Demo

Free WordPress Call to action plugin
On page load, this template is "open" and displays all the elements of the CTA.

Closed Sliding CTA

Similar to the previous template but on page load the CTA is “closed” and does not have an image. If you click on the button, the CTA will slide out. View Demo

WordPress Call to action Plugin - closed sliding template
On page load this template is "closed". When you click on the button, it will open the CTA.
WordPress Call To Action Plugin - Closed sliding template
This is the "opened" closed sliding CTA template.


This template is a tab button, when the user clicks on the tab they will be directed to the url. View Demo

WordPress CTA plugin
Tab template is only a button that will redirect a user to another link.

CTA Position

Set the vertical position of your CTA. Options include top, center and bottom.

Page Location

Free version the CTA will only display on the home page. More options in the Pro Version, coming soon!

Styles and Fonts

Edit the styles of the button, content and link text to your preference. Choose from the list of Google fonts.


Hide the CTA on desktop, tablet or phone.


Sometimes users will update their CTA but the changes don’t reflect on the front end. This is caused by caching. You will need to purge your plugin cache, browser cache by doing a hard reload then refresh the page. Also, try clearing your CDNs cache.

Clearing Litespeed Cache

When logged in on WordPress and visiting the home page, you will see the litespeed icon at the top. Hover over the icon and click purge this page or purge all. Once the page refreshes, the CTA will properly show.



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